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Rotovac is one of the largest plastics molding companies in Canada. We are the only company offering rotational molding AND thermoforming processes. By having both processes, Rotovac is able to produce the broadest range of plastic components for the widest group of applications and industries.

Rotovac is a custom manufacturer of plastic components for companies across North America. Our specialists will work with you to design the perfect mold for your exact application.

We also have an in-house line-up of commercial grade products such as storage tanks, industrial bins, salt/sand bins and tilt carts, ensures that you have access to the broadest selection of plastic solutions available.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) benefits economically from the rotational molding and thermoforming processes as these can cost significantly less for tooling and initial start-up, than other plastic processes, such as injection molding. See our video comparing thermoforming vs. injection molding.

Rotovac’s team has over 25 years of experience, earning us a reputation synonymous with product quality and industry leadership. Our dual production processes and diverse application experience will ensure you get objective advice on which process and mold is right for you.

Everyone at Rotovac takes pride in the work they do for you. Because we know that when you succeed, we succeed!


Rotovac is a trusted manufacturer of custom plastic components to industries across North America and around the world. Rotovac’s experience, expertise and eye for detail has led to an extensive and diverse customer base.

By having the largest range of equipment in the country Rotovac is able to exceed even the most demanding customer needs for thermoformed parts. With one of the largest thermoforming machines in the country, Rotovac’s independent rotary and shuttle thermoforming operation means efficient production of your parts. We have customized our machinery with our own operating software, zoned ovens and pre-stretch techniques enabling us to form a wide variety of materials and complex products. Rotovac’s production capabilities enable us to work with a variety of materials and gauges up to .500″ in thickness and up to 6’ X 11’ in size. Our broad-range of equipment, quality process and outstanding customer service has Rotovac becoming the industry leader in thermoforming.

Rotovac remains committed to exceeding your expectations, every time.

Rotovac’s process provides quick turnaround on orders and low production minimums. Our customers benefit from our process because thermoforming offers a shorter lead time from design to production, and lower tooling costs and production runs save you both capital and operating costs versus other processes such as injection molding.  Click here to see which process is right for your business?

Rotovac is a key supplier to the following OEM markets:

What is Thermoforming?


Thermoforming (also referred to as Vacuum Forming), is a process whereby a sheet of plastic is heated to a specific temperature, stretched onto or into a single-surface three dimensional mold and held against the mold by applying a vacuum between the mold surface and the sheet. The thermoforming process can be used to make packaging trays and pallets, equipment panels, interior cab components (mass transit, heavy equipment and aviation), food packaging or almost any shape that a sheet of plastic can be stretched or vacuumed over a mold.

Custom Rotational Molding & Thermoforming

The ongoing need to improve quality and develop internal processes that further improve the final product never stops at Rotovac. We work with the industry’s leading mold makers.

Rotovac manufactures large & small storage tanks

Rotovac manufactures large & small storage tanks

Working alongside our customers, we examine product concepts, design and drawings for rotational and thermoformed molds, looking for ways to reduce customer costs, while designing a superior part and without jeopardizing product integrity.

New products and unique designs require a molder that can translate ideas into practical and efficient molding applications. Rotovac’s team of professionals has a proven track record of tackling solution oriented projects; working with industry leading mold makers that will successfully perform in a production environment.

Rotovac works with a number of mold makers, each specifically chosen for their expertise respective for design and mold materials. Thus ensuring our customers receive the highest quality of molds designed by right experts.

Rotational molding and thermoforming offer the customer not only a choice of processes that will best meet their needs, but also can be significantly less expensive than either injection molding, blow molding or extrusion processes. Click here to see a side-by-side comparison to help you decide which process is best for your needs.

For over 25 years Rotovac’s team has been meeting customer challenges in providing formed plastic parts for the most demanding and technically precise applications.

We’re proud of our history but continue to look to the future and the challenges that lay ahead.